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Pichu is © Pokémon/Nintendo

See that Pokémon card on the right? That card is fake. But isn't it pretty? You want to make your own now, right? This page contains useful files and links for making fake cards.

Blanks Edit

The following are blank card templates.

PokémonAaah Blank Downloader Features Base, Neo and early EX-series blanks. Made by Nick15 with help by the Fangking and DW19.

Pokémon Zeo Features many other older resources.
PokéBeach Archive Blanks Made by the Fangking. Features blanks of cards from the HL to PK era, including Delta Species and Dual Types.
EON-series Blanks A custom series of blanks made by Latios101.

Heart Gold/Soul Silver Blanks: Cascade Gonpory's Pokémon Blanks For Pokémon cards. Trainer Blank Supporter Blank HGSS Stadium blanks are not currently available.