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Neo Redux is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to CMP's Neo Redux and eventually Pokémon TCG faking as a whole. The wiki format allows any registered user to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for everyone interested in faking -- including (but not limited to) resources, tutorials, and showcases.


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I made my first fake about 10 long years ago when PA! was still around, so I've been around for a while. Not too long after I began faking, I lost interest in Pokémon and quit. A few years after, I made my first comeback. Feeling quite venturesome, I decided to make a true-to-the-games set encompassing all (at the time) 386 Pokémon, complete with all types. With Fang's help, we created a set of custom and dual-type blanks in the Hidden Legend style. It's was entitled EX: Vision (which should still be around somewhere if you search for it), as it was bringing my vision of an ultimate TCG set to life. Unfortunately, making the countless blanks necessary for the project became difficult...

...I gave up.

But recently, I've decided to start again, but this time, without a huge, numbered set, as the numbers were what got me the first time. Neo was always my preferred style, so you'll find that's what I'll be using. While Nick15's blanks are great, they haven't quite stood the test of time -- size wise, that is. Today's blanks are much larger than they used to be. Therefore, I've found it necessary to make my own set of larger blanks (with a little help from PokéBeach). Custom types will, of course, be included, and the blanks will be released as they come.

The name may change, but this Wiki will hopefully one day grow and evolve to be a bustling home for the faking community as a whole. Feel free to add your own pages for your own sets, add your own blanks, etc.